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Thank you Pauline

Dear Pauline,

I wanted to write to you and tell you how much your training helped me in a very personal situation. I had been in an abusive relationship for years, I knew I had to get out but didn't. I was verbally and physically abused and humiliated. He also used to urinate or defecate on my clothes...I was so far from home and so lonely.

The turning point was one night when I knew for sure he was seeing someone else...I, for the first time knew that if I didn’t do something he was going to kill me! He covered my nose and mouth, he had his knees on my chest, and I felt myself dying. Then.... I got angry!!!!  

“Get angry! Do what you have to do and FIGHT” - That is what you taught me. Where it came from at that moment I don’t know...but I used my knuckle and drove it as hard as I could right to the breast bone and wind pipe...not once, several times, ...I was fighting to live and I remembered all I had been taught; Never let the fear take over, get angry, fight for you life…. And I did.

I can’t believe how fortunate I am. I thought I was in a normal relationship. If I can help someone else going through this I will. Please share my story Pauline. I am living testimony of how I became maybe took years, but, it's done, dusted, I am happy!!!! Thank you so much.


...PS you wouldn't know me now. So much stronger! Xx