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Women's Self Defence Classes

Self Defence in Abu Dhabi 2014

I've just returned from a two week project in Abu Dhabi with Dynamis Training and Insight. We have been training with Mental Health, Security, A&E and Community Nursing staff since 2008 and this was our sixth visit. My role is to work with the female staff on self protection and control and restraint skills.

I was thinking back to our first visit in 2008 and I remember being quite surprised by many of the females I met. You see, I think I arrived with many preconceived ideas about what the ladies would be like. Here in the UK we hear lots of stories about women in the middle east marrying and having children when they are only 12 or 13 years old. We hear about men having lots of different wives, and also about women being incredibly opressed by dominant males and other family members. Well, these preconceptions couldn't be further from the truth - the women who I met were strong, vivacious and educated. They were opinionated and certainly were not afraid to voice their opinions. They were fashion conscious and extremely well groomed - most having a shoe collection that even I was jealous of! They were politically aware and involved with great aspirations for success in their chosen medical careers. They laugh and joke about the same things I do with my girlfriends and believe me they have a fabulous (and often cheeky) sense of humour.

Over the six years we having been training there, I have worked with women from all over the world; India, the Philippines, United Arab Emirates, UK, Syria, Canada, Oman, Egypt, Pakistan, Sudan, Australia, USA, South Africa to name but a few, and I am honoured,  thankful, and extremely proud to work with such amazing women who put themselves at risk everyday to look after other human beings.

Stay safe beautiful ladies xxx