Self Defence Classes for Ladies

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Women's Self Defence Classes

Why Ladies that Punch?

I work for myself and my boyfriend often calls me a lady that lunches. He thinks that when I work from home that is code for meeting with friends and family for lunch (well, this is sometime the case – everyone has to eat though don’t they?)

When I was thinking about names for the self defence classes I couldn’t come up with anything that I was happy with.  I wanted something that was feminine, strong and empowering but could not come up with anything creative. One morning, after being asked if I was “working from home that day” aka meeting the ladies that lunch, I had a light bulb moment.

Some people have said that having the word punch in the name seems quite aggressive. A very good friend suggested that I might even put some ladies off attending the classes. I agree, it could sound or appear aggressive to some, but think about this; Do we not have to be aggressive to protect ourselves? If someone tried to snatch your child from you, wouldn’t you respond with ferocity and aggression? Of course you would. Therefore aggression is a big part of self protection.