Self Defence Classes for Ladies

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Women's Self Defence Classes

What will you learn?

Have you ever read about the woman who manages to lift up a car to free her trapped child? Where does she get that super human strength? How does a person survive a lion or shark attack? Survival is more than just physical strength. Yes we have to train our bodies physically but we must also train our brain to help us survive the attack.  During the classes you will gain a good understanding of both the physical and psychological effects of fear and we will build on this to make you more prepared should the worst ever happen.

There is no escaping the fact that violent crime is rising and although everyone has the right to safety and security this is very often not the case. Ladies that Punch will give you the inner strength and confidence to be able to fight back and not be another victim of unnecessary violence.

The system I use is the result of extensive research into the body’s natural reactions to danger and fear. We will explore these natural responses and transform them into more tactical responses. I use reality based training which means that you are prepared for real life conflict; not the “Hollywood’ type situation.  The fundamental basis of the training is focussed on how the body actually responds to dangerous situations; progressing to use these innate/natural responses in a more tactical and skilful way. The system I use is called Functional Edge, developed by Coach Tony Torres