Self Defence Classes for Ladies

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Women's Self Defence Classes

Self Defence for Ladies

Would you like to:

  • Stop someone from hurting you?
  • Protect yourself and your family if you were attacked?
  • Feel safer when you are out on your own?
  • Improve your self confidence and self esteem?

Ladies that Punch is a brand new Self Defence Class for ladies by ladies. Classes are for any lady regardless of age or fitness levels. A fully qualified instructor with over 10 years experience will use real life scenarios that WILL keep you safer.

Money Back Guarantee
I am so confident that these classes will exceed your expectations, and leave you feeling empowered and strong, that I offer a 100% money back guarantee. After the class, if you feel you haven’t learnt anything beneficial or useful I will give you all of your money back.  So you really don’t have anything to lose do you?

If you would like to hear about our new classes and new locations please leave your email address in the subscription box on the right of this page. 

Pauline Spencer

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me or visit our Frequently Asked Questions Section.